When I woke up today morning and of course I got my phone, checked Facebook and the first thing I saw is this. Honouring Human Rights Day. Just a few minutes after seeing this, it reminded me of the Orlando nightclub shooting (I know shooting and gun violence happens all over the world, don’t judge me for remembering this one particularly)
And I started emo-ing all over and thinking about where the world is leading this few years. All I can ever remember is political dramas, hates, violences and many other unfortunate disasters. But where is the LOVE among all of us? We are all one, the human race but why so much of discrimination for something that never matters.And all this discrimination is just dividing us more than we already are.
I believe everyone in this world no matter who are you, what are you, where are you ( You get my point) have all the rights in this world to live happily and just spread love. Small kids who crave for affection, education, a place to just lay on the ground and stare the sky without any worries, girls and women who want equal rights for what they are allowed to do, the LGBTQ community who only asks for a place in this world where they are accepted, person with disabilities are amongst some of them who are at the risk of discrimination. (I am not gonna talk about animals here) Each of these parties are only asking for certain values that won’t even cost us a cent to give and accept them.
I think it is really important for us to realize that no matter whatever differences we may have, we are all the same human race which means we do have some humanity left in us to realize this fact that differences are just something physical and it doesn’t mean anything to how we should be.
This year is coming to an end. Try to stand up for someone’s rights no matter where you are. At the office, at school, on the social media or anywhere you can. We need to understand that everyone deserves their rights to live happily in this world. We need to respect every individual and their differences because hate is something that we can’t afford to have right now.
I BELIEVE it’s time for us to step up the game and defend everyone who are being discriminated for being themselves and the condition they are in. When you sit down and think of it.. Just imagine a happy world where everyone is happy and accepted, no wars, only smile and laughter. It maybe all dream but sometimes dream do come true and let’s hope it does.
P/S Hey guys, I know it’s been a long time since I posted something. Was kinda busy with my studies and everything. I will start writing again regularly after this. Feel free to leave down a comment.