Who to blame? | 30052016

Hey guys.. It’s been awhile since I wrote something here. Life is so busy, it is really hard when you’re in semester break 😛 Yeap.. I am on semester break right now till next month which gives me plenty of time to procrastinate everything that I should be doing like writing this.

Today I plan on writing about suicide and who’s fault it is. At the end of this post, I would love if you guys tell me who is it to blame on. To me committing a suicide simply means when someone couldn’t bare with the pain or problems that they are facing. But that doesn’t make them a coward. To me at least. Although I know many of you out there has this opinion when someone suicides, they are labelled as a coward. But I don’t see at which point of life they become a coward. Trust me, suicide would have been their last choice to go to.


They wouldn’t have committed suicide if they had other choices to go to. Don’t tell me that there’s always a way to solve whatever problem that comes. I don’t trust in that seriously. I would give so many examples but it would only bore you guys up.

So let’s see.. They didn’t have much trust on their friends and family members. And what caused this? So when they didn’t have any trust on their friends and family, they end up turning to the last unwanted choice: SUICIDE. Now when this is the case, what rights do we have to call them a coward when all the humanity around them is gone. Whose fault is that? Yes, some may say that our life, our choices but then again isn’t the main purpose of our life in this world is to show love to one another? To show that we care for everything in this world. Now, I’m not telling that I am a saint in this, I do have my own flaws but tell me, isn’t all that the main purpose of us being in this world? I’ve gone to some point of suiciding myself but I had my reasons to be alive xD (We’ll talk about this next time)

Now, what would this poor guy or girl do when they lose faith in everyone around them and they are burdened with this problem. Of course, suicide would have been their choice. This is their life, as much as it can be painful to everyone around them.. This is what they chose. If you’re gonna tell that ‘No, they shouldn’t have done that, there would have been a better way to solve it’, then where were you when they were having all these problems. Where were you when these guys or girls who chose to commit suicide.

Guys.. I wrote this not to justify anyone or their life choices. But I just want everyone to know that if humanity and love towards everyone are still in all of us, there would be fewer cases of suicide. Trust me, love is so strong that it has the power to do anything.

I think that’s all for today. I am sorry if this post is not as nice, I know everything is not in order, I am not feeling well >< I chose the wrong time to fall sick. Do comment below guys. I am eager to hear your opinion. Till next time 🙂


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  1. Premanand a/l Ayavoo · May 30, 2016

    Ya true i’m totally agree with you,But what i felt about suicide is people tend to lose their life for people doesn’t even appreciate them in reality.They just proclaimed theirselves as hurted but they forgot a thing in this world none are going to help us out in our heartbreaking moments even our Parents won’t. Everyone is having their own problem but what makes them as so called human is their responsibility towards their family even they neglect it sometime.So what im trying to tell is whatever u did at the end people are still going to judge you so why u should lose your life for some lifeless moron….Sorry if i wrong but it is true yar……Suicide is not coward but decision that taken by people who trying to pleasing or compromising others in their life. As a solution just throw that stuff aside and go on in your life.Your life would be much more better than yesterday.Believe me


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