The Next Second.. | 120516

Hello, everyone! It has been a few days since I wrote my last post. I have been really busy these few days. I had done a few shopping, eating and sleeping. Trust me, it is not that easy to do all these, I will elaborate more on these next time. So it seems like the heat wave which has been all over Malaysia has decreased and we are blessed with the acidic rain. And knowing Malaysians, I am waiting for the time when people start cursing the rain for causing flood and traffic jams everywhere (We all know it’s true).

Thanks to the rain, a few days ago my dad had to leave to Johor for a sudden meeting trip and me being a good son, went to KL to send some of his clothes. And mom didn’t let me to bring the car because it was raining too heavily so she thought I probably will get accident and die XD So I thought why not take the Rapid bus, it has been quite awhile. For my foreign readers, Rapid is a company which provides bus services all over Kuala Lumpur.


And for the first time ever, I saw that a lady was actually being the bus driver :O OMG TRUST ME, I immediately had this respect for her when I saw this. I mean like, I have been taking Rapid bus since I was 13 years old back in Penang, and not even once there was a female driver. I was like finally the ladies are getting their equal rights. At the same time, there was this guy from India who couldn’t speak the national language so he asked me where it Taman Mawar. Me being an idiot, I asked the bus driver who was the lady I mentioned just now AND BITCH, SHE WAS HELL FUCKING RUDE! I fucking asked her so politely and she was just replying me so rudely. I don’t know if she was being rude because the guy from India was just a foreign worker and she degraded him or anything, but trust me, I can still feel how angry I was when she was being so rude.

I was really surprised because in the beginning I had this huge respect for her and the next second I felt so fucking disgusted that there are people like this in this world. Now don’t shoot me with “Oh, she is just having a bad day ” blah blah blah. All of us have our own bad days, but that doesn’t mean we should treat others really bad. Bitch, I paid you my fucking money and it was just one question that I asked to help the poor guy, I didn’t ask you to get naked and do a pole dance in the middle of the bus (Wait, no.. That would have been a nightmare).

I didn’t know if she was being racist towards me because after that I realize she was being fine with the other passengers. I know you’re just a bus driver and you should be sending passengers on and off but no one fucking asked you to be polite or rude. Just answer them normally is more than enough. Like how hard is that gonna be.. I decided that she was being a bitch so I just ignored it. Then at night I took the Metro bus service, and trust me, I was so shocked at how polite the bus conductor was. (And note this, this guy had holes in his jeans with long hair.) He was so good to all the passengers, unlike the experience I faced in the morning.

You see.. it just takes one second to change your perception towards something. One second you find this thing beautiful and the next second you wish you had never seen something like that before in your life. Like it never cost us anything to be polite with each other, okay I am not always polite to someone but I am never rude also. If you read my previous posts, you guys would have known that I believe in the concept of one love where all of us in this world should love and protect one another. But looks like maybe I will never see that happening.

I could keep on ranting about these but you guys would probably get bored. Hahaha! Do tell me if any of you guys faced experiences like this before. I would love to hear it.

P/S: I am open to any suggestion to improve my blog in any aspects. Feel free to tell me.


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