My Weird Ability | 090516

Hey guys.. It has been awhile since I wrote something here. That’s because as usual I was lazy (Yes, I know I shouldn’t be) and I had too lot of TV shows to finish watching. Recently I started with The Family Guy and LOST. Besides, there are many YouTube videos that I have been watching. And I realize that I want to talk about something related to that in today’s post.


Sympathy and empathy. These two-word may seem to be similar but they aren’t. What I understand is sympathy means the feeling of pity towards someone’s misfortune and empathy means the capacity to feel what someone else is feeling or the ability to share and understand what someone else is facing or feeling (Correct me if I am wrong). So I believe that I develop this ability to errr feel? empathy towards others. I know perhaps many people could do this but I think my condition is getting worse every time.

It is like this, every time I watch any sad videos or social experiments on YouTube, Facebook or any social medias, I tend to put myself in that situation, and at times I force myself to be in that situation. I know it is weird but yeah this is happening for the past few years. There was this one time, I was watching this video where the guy is going to die in one month time and I put myself in that situation and believe me for 5 seconds, I was actually feeling so worse and thought that I was going to die then I started crying. That 5 seconds was really weird, it felt like I was someone else just for that 5 seconds.

This is getting really bad and some part of me is okay with this and some part of me isn’t. Another thing is every time I feel what I see people feeling and facing, I develop this guilt that I can’t do anything to make it better. I can’t do anything to change their life. And this makes me to cry. Yes call me weak but I don’t know if I can overcome it after all this time.

I don’t know guys.. I just felt like writing about this. Maybe some of you guys are facing the same? Tell me in the comments below.


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