Value of love | 260416

240616valueofloveLove. Something that you can’t see, you can’t hear but you can only feel the warmth of it. This topic may sound a bit (or a lot) cliché but dear readers, what is Love to you? To me, love is something that is so special, it can either bring someone really high and bring someone really low. The love between a father and daughter, a mother and son, a tiger and cub, a common human to his/her environment, and trust me I can go on and on. But you got my point.

Knowing how important love is, has it really gone down or is the concept of love still in the face of the earth? You see, love is a ‘language’ that we all understand. There are no limitations in love, you can give and take how much you want (depending on how much there is to take).

Love is so powerful that it can create all other core feelings in ourselves such as courage, loyalty, and anger. On top of these feelings, I think COURAGE is the most important feeling that is developed from the core of love. Thanks to my wonderful research capability 😛 I found out that the part of the word Courage, which is Cor bring the meaning of ‘heart’ in Latin. (that’s really romantic). Courage can make a man complete anything in his life. Just with a bit of courage in him/her is enough to bring down a whole government (in this case, love towards your country).

Something so powerful in this world such as love is never easy to be gone. Just with a bit of love, you can conquer anything and everything. But has it gone down? To me, NO. 20 years being alive, I always see love everywhere. I see my family members, my friends, animals protecting their young ones, how a young baby boy smiles the moment he sees his parents. Maybe to you, love brings a different meaning but I believe that there is love in everything in this world.

Tell me what is love to you down in the comments below. I would love to read it. Hope this post gave you what are my thoughts about love. Thanks 🙂



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