Random weird searches | 240416

54a31dde05315_-_elle-male-anxiety-h-elhToday had been a really random day. Mom forced me to wake up to go to the morning market. Okay, I have to admit this. Morning markets are really energizing. They give this nice touch to start your day. Like I don’t know how but it just gives me this nice feeling and letting me know that no matter what happens, it will be a great day.

So it is actually like this, right after I woke up and rolling around my spacious king size bed, I decided it was time to switch on my laptop. And of course YouTube was my first tab which I opened.And the first video that came into my mind is ‘How is honey produced’. I don’t know why but this was what came up in my mind.

And then just an hour ago, I was randomly watching YouTube videos on how to cut cheese. Yeah big cheese. I am not that crazy of cheese, I think my favorite one is Cheddar cheese (hope I got the spelling right)

Wait, that’s not all. Few days ago, I was searching on how to perform satanic rituals and how to surrender yourself to satan. Okay, I was just searching for this things out of my curiosity, not that I want to do them or anything.

I don’t know why but these few days my mood have been gone lately. Life has ups and down and I really don’t know when I am gonna learn to live my life alone. Maybe all this weird random searches are my journey on me finding myself in this world. They say that this world is small, but I feel otherwise. I always feel like I am in this deep ocean, just pitch black and me not being able to breathe (because I don’t know how to swim). Life is weird at times and I make it even weirder.


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