hope, fun and life | 240416

So I actually posted this two days ago but being the idiot I am, I accidentally deleted the whole post which I wrote the reasons and purposes of this blog.

Actually I planned on starting this blog because I always had this dream. The dream to connect with everyone all over the world. Something to know about me, I don’t believe that race, color, religion, languages should drive us apart from one another. I believe that being in this world, every human must learn to love one another. Imagine a life where all of us never hate but only spread love regardless of our differences.

This blog is going to be about everything basically. When I mean everything, it’s like something that I find interesting, something that brings some meaning to our life and of course something that my readers would want me to write on. I would love to connect with everyone through this blog. Why through blogging? Because I suck at everything else.. I tried doing YouTube videos but it just doesn’t fit me. I can’t do modelling because ‘hehehe’ :3 I feel like laughing. I know some of my blogs posts may contradict with whatever you guys have in my mind and I would really like to hear that from you guys in the comment section below.

But yeah regardless how this blog ends up, I will continue writing here. (I just want to do something right in my life :P)

Hope, fun and life. Three of these words literally describe my life. I am not going to tell how and in which way it defines my life but follow up with my posts to know more. This is my first time doing a blog and I would really appreciate it if you guys would tell me if there is anything wrong and anything that I can improve.

Thanks 🙂


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