Value of love | 260416

240616valueofloveLove. Something that you can’t see, you can’t hear but you can only feel the warmth of it. This topic may sound a bit (or a lot) cliché but dear readers, what is Love to you? To me, love is something that is so special, it can either bring someone really high and bring someone really low. The love between a father and daughter, a mother and son, a tiger and cub, a common human to his/her environment, and trust me I can go on and on. But you got my point.

Knowing how important love is, has it really gone down or is the concept of love still in the face of the earth? You see, love is a ‘language’ that we all understand. There are no limitations in love, you can give and take how much you want (depending on how much there is to take).

Love is so powerful that it can create all other core feelings in ourselves such as courage, loyalty, and anger. On top of these feelings, I think COURAGE is the most important feeling that is developed from the core of love. Thanks to my wonderful research capability 😛 I found out that the part of the word Courage, which is Cor bring the meaning of ‘heart’ in Latin. (that’s really romantic). Courage can make a man complete anything in his life. Just with a bit of courage in him/her is enough to bring down a whole government (in this case, love towards your country).

Something so powerful in this world such as love is never easy to be gone. Just with a bit of love, you can conquer anything and everything. But has it gone down? To me, NO. 20 years being alive, I always see love everywhere. I see my family members, my friends, animals protecting their young ones, how a young baby boy smiles the moment he sees his parents. Maybe to you, love brings a different meaning but I believe that there is love in everything in this world.

Tell me what is love to you down in the comments below. I would love to read it. Hope this post gave you what are my thoughts about love. Thanks 🙂



Random weird searches | 240416

54a31dde05315_-_elle-male-anxiety-h-elhToday had been a really random day. Mom forced me to wake up to go to the morning market. Okay, I have to admit this. Morning markets are really energizing. They give this nice touch to start your day. Like I don’t know how but it just gives me this nice feeling and letting me know that no matter what happens, it will be a great day.

So it is actually like this, right after I woke up and rolling around my spacious king size bed, I decided it was time to switch on my laptop. And of course YouTube was my first tab which I opened.And the first video that came into my mind is ‘How is honey produced’. I don’t know why but this was what came up in my mind.

And then just an hour ago, I was randomly watching YouTube videos on how to cut cheese. Yeah big cheese. I am not that crazy of cheese, I think my favorite one is Cheddar cheese (hope I got the spelling right)

Wait, that’s not all. Few days ago, I was searching on how to perform satanic rituals and how to surrender yourself to satan. Okay, I was just searching for this things out of my curiosity, not that I want to do them or anything.

I don’t know why but these few days my mood have been gone lately. Life has ups and down and I really don’t know when I am gonna learn to live my life alone. Maybe all this weird random searches are my journey on me finding myself in this world. They say that this world is small, but I feel otherwise. I always feel like I am in this deep ocean, just pitch black and me not being able to breathe (because I don’t know how to swim). Life is weird at times and I make it even weirder.

hope, fun and life | 240416

So I actually posted this two days ago but being the idiot I am, I accidentally deleted the whole post which I wrote the reasons and purposes of this blog.

Actually I planned on starting this blog because I always had this dream. The dream to connect with everyone all over the world. Something to know about me, I don’t believe that race, color, religion, languages should drive us apart from one another. I believe that being in this world, every human must learn to love one another. Imagine a life where all of us never hate but only spread love regardless of our differences.

This blog is going to be about everything basically. When I mean everything, it’s like something that I find interesting, something that brings some meaning to our life and of course something that my readers would want me to write on. I would love to connect with everyone through this blog. Why through blogging? Because I suck at everything else.. I tried doing YouTube videos but it just doesn’t fit me. I can’t do modelling because ‘hehehe’ :3 I feel like laughing. I know some of my blogs posts may contradict with whatever you guys have in my mind and I would really like to hear that from you guys in the comment section below.

But yeah regardless how this blog ends up, I will continue writing here. (I just want to do something right in my life :P)

Hope, fun and life. Three of these words literally describe my life. I am not going to tell how and in which way it defines my life but follow up with my posts to know more. This is my first time doing a blog and I would really appreciate it if you guys would tell me if there is anything wrong and anything that I can improve.

Thanks 🙂